Consulting and digital media services



IBCR Media, LLC was formed in 2012 as a consulting firm for federal, non-federal and private sector clients servicing the water resource economics and planning communities. It's hard to believe it was that long ago! 

Since its founding, IBCR has served clients through the completion of projects in Alabama, Arizona, California, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, New Jersey, New York and Ohio.

The growing company has a diversified portfolio of services, which now includes policy analysis, business consulting, risk analysis and a newly formed Web Services Division.

Our business services assist both small and large organizations in management consulting, risk analysis, quality control, quality assurance (there is a difference!) and strategic planning through the implementation of its Nine Easy Steps to Making Hard Decisions. The Nine Easy Steps are the result of three decades of experience in tackling big problems. Facing a difficult decision? Some of the biggest problems our clients will ever face have been solved using this scalable, disciplined approach.

​The Web Services Division serves the small to medium sized business community by developing websites tailor made to their business size, business sector and budget, making sure that current and future customers can find them on the web and via social media.  

IBCR also has a large and growing network of contacts and business associates, with expertise ranging from environmental compliance to database programming and from wind engineering to construction management. If IBCR can't serve you with in-house resources, we will hook you up with the best of the best experts in the field.

(We haven't tried space travel yet, but give us time.)